3 feb. 2013


a photo shoot

it's not just me clicking the shutter.
It's about the energy, about having trust in me, making the best of what we have and making an effort.

I can not do that ALONE.

so here are some tips for you :

1.Bring a happy baby ( it means after a nap, after good meal! )
2.Be on time or come early. This will help ensure you have a few minutes for your child to get comfortable with your photographer.
3.Stay out of your photographers way ( yep ) . Let your photographer call the shots and direct your little ones. Your job as a parent & subject is to look at the camera and be ready for the moment the photographer has your little one smiling. Let your photographer take charge!
4.Bring bribes & motivation !

But most of all…have fun! Natural smiles are a result of a good time. Enjoy the time spent capturing the memories and smiles of your family! The photos resulting are what you will look back on and enjoy.