10 apr. 2011

about me

I'm Gabriela,
a newborn,children and portrait photographer located in Helmond,NB in Netherlands.

 I'd like if you sat down and stayed here a while.
Grab a drink, get comfy and take a peek around.
And if you like what you see, I'd love to work with you so please get in touch.


thank you

things I love the most:

Can't live without my creamy caramel coffee
Wearing T-shirts inside out, 
My Imac,digital news,photoshop,pinterest, 
I Love my husband,
I love my dog,
House( the serial )
I Love my garden,I love to love,
Love smell of freshly cut grass, 

Colors(except dark green and lila)

reading good books in bed,
Decorate & create,

crazy about Italian food 
and cherries 
and not to forget... 

*all those things in totally random order!